Thursday, January 31, 2013

Kitten Covers

Not only do I love bad album covers, I now love bad (and good) album covers transformed to include KITTENS. Thanks to Alfra Martini.

Friday, January 04, 2013


I'm O-Type negative, so I get emailed all the time to donate. Finally feeling red-blooded this week, so think I'll head out Saturday to donate a pint, in Walnut Creek. It's the least I can do. Plus I get to go to Thrift-Town. Perhaps they'll have  Armani suits for $10 (like they did last time, but too small, and they sure seemed authentic, juding by the touch/cut). The picture connected to a search on "Armani Suits"  actually belongs to a site that has this line: "Patrick McKeon is the Tibor Kalman of thrift shops." I am still trying to parse this. I like thrift shops, I like Moira Kalman, who I think was connected to Tibor Kalman. WTF.  

Crafty days

Pre-Kindle, pre-Etsy, I once applied to be the managing editor of a cross-stitch magazine. I'm not sure I even knew what cross-stitch was at the time, beyond the glasses case I made for my grandmother, with her name spelled wrong. But I thought I had the skill set. Page after page of dense patterns, a proofreader's nightmare. What's your management style, they asked? Uh, meh. Benevolent dictator, perhaps. What's your impression of the overall design? Well, there's abolutely no white space, I was probably muttering by then. But the readers hated white space, apparently. Wanted their money's worth. I can't remember what I did next. Excruciating ISO-9000 documentation, I think.

Thursday, January 03, 2013

Tandem falcon squirrels

Somehow this is sounding good for my birthday which is coming up soon enough.   But surely I’ll talk myself out of it in favor of a 1-hour falconry lesson.
Or taking a trip to upstate new York for some  squirrel watching.