Sunday, June 20, 2010


 Quite the collector:   Curiosa. I found a copy at a favorite bookstore, Copperfield's. Along with the new books they always have an odd collection of remainders that I find irrestible, every time I go to Calistoga. T&R and I went in search of wine and galvanized tanks, but not a soak. SCORE.  

Monday, June 14, 2010

Thursday, June 10, 2010

MX-80 in Pandora's Box

So I visit to see what kind of "MX-80" like music they would like to decode for me as attributes, genomically speaking. Here's what I get: electric rock instrumentation . punk influences . a subtle use of vocal harmony . extensive vamping . minor key tonality . a vocal-centric aesthetic . electric rhythm guitars. Heatmiser, Cop and Speeder, Disappearing Ink:
I also get the Norwegian sextet, Kaizers Orchestra
who resides "in the gray area between Scandinavian death metal, traditional folk, and Tom Waits-inspired Tin Pan Alley pop. Their second full-length, Evig Pint, is the soundtrack to a nightmarish carousel that refuses to let off its 12 terrified children. Those 12 tracks are fueled by a sinister pump organ, alley-can drums, and a brutal horn section that sound like a klezmer group on the banks of the river Styx."
All I can say, is, Yikes.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

We're goin' to a weddin' soon

We're going to a wedding soon in Monterey, staying by the bay (so deep!). But what to get them youngins"? I don't know the happy couple, personally, but I will soon. Their registry has so many choices. SPOILER ALERT: I'm going for the $150 toothbrush, I think. They'll appreciate it when they hit the 40-year mark and still have sparkling teeth. Or a set of grapefruit spoons. Citrus is always in fashion. Hope politics in Thailand clear up right away.