Thursday, July 09, 2015

Fresh Eyes, Please

Over the past few months, I’ve looked at a certain front and back book cover proof at least eight times, including this morning, right before final prep for press. This afternoon, I thought, Well………….I better read it one more time. So I read it again, from the bottom up this time, one line at a time, right to left. Found a total boo-boo. There is no such proper thing as an “Ocular Mobility Examination.” It’s “Ocular Motility Examination.” I really would have given myself a heart attack if I hadn’t spotted that one until way too late. Reminds me of the time someone, NOT ME, who ran with a story about mass transit for an internal company newsletter going to many thousands of people.  Unfortunately, she didn’t spot the typo, “The Glories of Pubic Transit.”  Measure twice, cut once. Make that thrice.