Friday, May 28, 2010

Buying Books
About the only venues I buy books these days are garage sales and airports--I'm not quite to the e-reader stage. Last week's scores, en route to Indiana: Predictably Irrational, the Hidden Forces That Shape Our Decisions and The 4 Day Diet (Be thinner by Friday!!!). Let's face it, I like to read about brains. But what did I read on the plane? Some tabloid, from the seatmate, that spilled the guts on the next-to-final episode of Celebrity Apprentice I missed. Silly TV, but I've tried the winning Snapple drink. Not as good as homemade root beer, but drinkable.

Mother and I visit the Indiana Medical History Museum in Naptown

At one time, 1800 folks lived at Central State, including "difficult women" brought by their husbands. Seeing a doctor what: once an hour once a month? The therapy was "moral"--gardening and insulin shock, not lobotomy. Today, the grounds include the pathology lab , retirement home for police horses, city storage buildings, medicinal plant garden, and wide open empty space. A lot has changed in 100 years. After our visit, we went to Mug 'n Bun for homemade root beer and onion rings. "Eat however you want!" #3 of 1200+ restaurants in Indianapolis, say some. Fabulous brew, rings not so much.