Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sweet Sunday in SF

OK, ended up using sigh, Facebook to post photos:
Gumps offered free dog portraits with the city's best dog portraitist. He was goooooooooooood. Cartier Bresson? Elliott Erwitt? Maybe. His portfolio is here:
My friend Leslie's lady, a rescue collie, was very photogenic and behaved very well. And I fell for an ethereal white standard poodle whose ears reminded me of Marianne Faithful, somehow. The dog works with Alzheimer's patients.
(sorry, embedding continues to elude me)

Sunday, April 01, 2012

I just vacuumed my office--all the dust shows so clearly in the sunlight. Blows forward, blows back. Next time I turned around, minutes later,  there was a pile of fluffy stuff on the floor, with Huey chewing. Ewwwwwwww he caught and ate a HUMMINGBIRD. It was gone except for a few feathers. Sorry, universe.I'll get the collar with bell...
I stepped aside to let a woman walking her big ole dog get by me, as I was meandering. She had on what looked like Tibetan skiwear (today's beautiful, but chilly). As she passed she said, "Ahhhhhh  it's like having a drunken sailor for a boyfriend, this dog. Wanders around bumping into things, drooliing." We were bumping into things too, the three of us lolling along for a few minutes.