Friday, March 26, 2010

This week's work projects involved 60 hours of wrangling with words, Word, crashes, and recoveries. My nature isn't used to it. The body still can do it, kinda, and even a little yoga helps. But one deadline's done, and 3 days at the Holiday Inn 60 seconds from my office, courtesy Priceline, soothed the back-and-forth travel. (Yes, it did, but too bad it was spring break on 1 floor.) Best lines of all, in the middle of the crunch: "You're wonderful." "Can I get you a latte." "Did you know your extension is the first three notes of Three Blind Mice?" (No, I did not know that.) Now, back to marigold planting and watching dust motes float in the sun.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

On Being Prepared

H dreamed that California experienced an 8.2 shaker. Though I'm being selfish to say so, I hope that we DON'T have a big earthquake here--we're not prepared at all. I'm thinking the following would help instill a sense of security for the 5 of us in the immediate compound, however false that sense might be or assuming that we could all make it to the compound: 50 gallons of water, 50 cans of tuna cat food, 50 cans of tuna people food,  50 rice-in-foil packs (like Indian food), 50 monster-lo-carb energy drinks (double size),  20 chocolate bars, a case of generic beer with the word BEER on the can (even a bottle of vodka + seltzer, in case cocktails seem therapeutic),  20 boxes of vegetable stock, 10 bags of dried fruit, 10 bags of trail mix, self-winding flashlights, a swiss army knife, a pad of paper, some pencils, a bottle of aspirin, lots of clean underwear, a book on identifying edible weeds. Am I forgetting anything? Heck, that might even be enough to barter with. Throw in 20 pounds of flour and a few packets of yeast, for a wood-burning oven pit? I'm assuming bedding will be accessible somehow. And R will have her nurse bag with the good stuff. What about guns 'n ammo, my spouse wondered.

On Being Handy

This morning I am off to look for baskets and hinges, if I ever get dressed. Maybe a new Kitchenaid mixer--or not. The expensive one I bought for B a few years ago broke during my watch, when I was making calzone dough. Apparently, I learned on the inet, this is a common problem when making doughs, and I don't know if I have the energy to try to fix it (here's a funny story about a woman who did). Just knead the dang dough yourself is a point of view I may return to. I managed to half-fix the vacuum because I don't really feel like spending  $400 on a new one (eg, it works well enough on a certain setting but the high-power carpet thing is spotty, but we only have 1 carpet so that's OK).