Thursday, October 29, 2009

Go Forth and Rebuke
From the Chron' social column (Garchik) today, someone "...was flying on Southwest Airlines from Salt Lake City to Oakland with a passenger who was extremely loud and rude to not only fellow travelers, but 'also a very patient male flight attendant.' Near the end of the flight, when this was particularly noticeable and annoying, another woman aboard stood up and told her she was the most rude person she had ever met, and then, 'Stop, stop stop!!! In the name of the angel Michael, I rebuke the demon in you!' It was a showstopper and the woman kept quiet for the rest of the flight, 'while the rest of us cowered in our seats." Heh. So I now have a phrase I can use with Bob, but no more than once a month, he says.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cakes Gone Wrong, Continued

Thanks to the New York Times for sweetening my afternoon, with a slide show (lifted from another blog) about cakes gone wrong. Herewith, my own purloined contribution, from the Indiana State Fair. Sad woman with green hair.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Brittle. I was feeling brittle, now a bit more resilient. Went to the Young Scandinavians House and stayed over the weekend, in Lake Tahoe. Met several folks, including a Swedish diplomat and his wife. He once worked in a shampoo factory and one liquid went into all of the same bottles: whether for dry hair, normal. He was livid and funny. They were all friends, but though I was on the fringe I didn't mind. There was snow. Plus Christine and I convinced ourselves that hiking 5 miles at 900o feet in the high wind was a good thing. I didn't have the right clothes, wrapped tee shirts around my neck and looked silly. Oh well.