Thursday, January 09, 2014

Thank you for being a valued customer

For the record, SO left Saturday from Emerville on the Zephyr, heading for NYC. Tuesday night three trains were stranded 100 miles from Chicago, with me getting voicemail: “Your train from Chicago to NYC has been cancelled. There are no other alternatives. Thank you for being a valued Amtrak customer.”  Wednesday all passengers went via bus to Chicago, stalled trains overnight apparently having heat and not much else. The overwhelmed staff in Chicago managed to find him a route through DC, with a sleeper, so he’s set to arrive tonight, only a day late. Doubt that flying would have been much better this time of year. Photo snagged from cbsnews.


Paul Dodd said...

You coming up to Rochester for your birthday?

Kimsy99 said...
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Kimsy99 said...

Wouldn't that be lovely! I remember last time we tried to get to you via train.... :)