Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I didn't take it

From our junk mail alias: “If anyone has accidentally borrowed a purple mug with the letters [redacted]  written across the entirety of the mug for the past week and a half, I’d greatly appreciate its return in the near future. It generally resides in the cupboard in the fourth floor kitchen until about 8:00 am Monday through Friday, which is where it can be returned. Sooner rather than later would be great, as this is the mug my mother gave to me when I left for college 30 years ago, that I generally use every morning so that I can tell her I still use it every morning, when I talk to her every week…which I didn’t do last week because I couldn’t actually tell her I used it last week. Or this week. Hopefully I can tell her on Saturday that I used it on Thursday. So, if you could just do a quick check to see if it’s sitting on your desk it would be greatly appreciated.”  UPDATE: Michael found his mug, within minutes. It wasn't my mug. I just liked the message.


angel corpus christi said...

cliffhanger! please provide update!

angel corpus christi said...

where is our dang update!