Friday, February 18, 2011

Ruth said I could use her sighting. Each year about this time, down on MacArthur, a tax outfit takes up residence in the old video store next to Subway. Each night in the thick of the commute time a kid dressed as Lady Liberty stands and jiggles and twirls a sign, aiming to lure in tax neophytes as he (and it has always been a he in our neighborhood) dances. Recently she passed by and noticed the police taking down the latest Lady Liberty, who knows what this child did. He was spread-eagled. he pointy foam crown on Lady Liberty's head askew. Just sayin'....My husband gets upset when I suggest he could get a job--any part time job-- to help meet the current gap,including doing a Lady Liberty stint. I envision that I'd sell my body, if times were excruciating (depending on pt of view), but who would want it? Comes to mind. Just sayin'....

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